Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Different change Indonesia

Halo, first I wont to say thanks for my god, ALLAH SWT and my parents and all my friends, and big thank for my university-level instructor, mrs. Dini

Ladies and gentleman, we know if have many different in the world. One of all in my country, Indonesia.  Indonesia have slogan “bhineka tunggal ikha” the slogan mean is different but we are one”.

Of course it’ a hear so good slogan right ? should  it’s make my country more advanced, right ? but it’s like dream for me. Why ? because we always make a problem with a little something like a different.

Why we don’t learn with a susi pujiastuti. She said “come on! Make different to be unique and strong” mrs. Susi insists that it takes only a sense of mutual respect and tolerance of each to anyone.
But it doesn’t reality now. Many people are bully just because a little problem or little different. the biggest difference really fatal is the difference religion, even some of the state already chose religion, whereas religion is best everyone to select religiously that according to their best.

For example, if there are incident bomb, the people of muslim accused of being a terrorist and blame. The other way islam will accuse other faiths or non-muslim. What we will continue to each other to accuse ? an example of the other in Indonesia , such as the incident in 1999 known by the incident  ambon and in 1998 known by the incident poso, it was very scary, the battle between religion.

Come on, what we can’t tolerance for it ?

The difference that change of Indonesia’s cultural differences. Had happened riot between the culture in the 2001, we can call it with the incident sampit. Why we not learn with ir Soekarno, he said ‘make a  world where all people living in peace and fraternity’ together it’s happy, together we can, together we always helping, together make we strong, together we can done the problem.

Don’t ever make a difference as the enemy in life, make a difference as a our power. The difference in the world to teach us to tolerance taught us to appreciate, each protect, and loved, then of now try to accept diffrences,because we are same. 

thanks a lot all! it's my speech, i hope you like and please don't judge me hehehe

video youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM8MdC_FmqA


Septiani H1031161043
Titik Lestari H1031161055
Nikmatun Khasanah H1031161009
Icha Novianti H1031161042
Tassya Amalian Putri H1031161024

Answer                :

1. speech is about someone to speaking expression of idea or opinions

2. aspect in speech :
  • Intonation
  • Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Content of speech
  • Performance

3. septiani             : the benefits of chemistry in life
Tassya                   : English easy or difficult ?
Icha                        : it’s important English in education
Nikma                   : art in chemistry

Titik                        : differences change Indonesia

Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

My Diary

Hello ! this is My Diary, just tell you about my activites hehe

may 10, 2017
the day, my activities not much but make me so tired. It’s about lab chemistry. Because lab work chemicals. Actually, lab work was fun but journal and report make me dizzy.

May 11, 2017
Prepare for Anniversary HIMKI to 14 years on may 21 later. The day it’a a lot of time to relaxed, so I can quality time and all the prepare for the next day for meeting.

May 12, 2017
Today, we are a chemistry 2016 does the meeting to Anniversary HIMKI. Because I as CO (commanding officer), so I must come in the meeting. Not so long! Afternoon we’ve been home and before go home, I with my friends buy ice chocolate, after that we go home to complete the journal.

May 13, 2017
Actually, the day quality time for us. But, we have to change lab work schedule that was delayed because activities campus. Quite fun because not so crowded, so that more quickly finished. When finished, I go home because tomorrow we'll back to activities campus again.

May 14, 2017
The Morning I go to OT (organization Trenning) in the district office. Events this gives from the committee “adaptasi lingkungan kampus” for us. The guests that came very awesome and we got a lesson about public speaking, of course this is highly influential to looking for a job

May 15, 2017
The day so special!!! but not my day. Why ? because the day special for my best friend! She’s birthday now, oh my god, happy birthday my friends! But, sorry I can’t give you something, because my schedule and your schedule not same. But my pray always for you, of course all the best for you. Although it’s not my day, but I’m so happy too. One again! Happy birthday ayu!!

May 16, 2017
SBMPTN now! And holiday for us! But it’s a fake, the real we must go to campus for help they a sell for  search funds to  “DIRGAHAYU KEMILAU CAHAYA 14 HIMKI”. No problem, because it’s a event from us so we should be responsible. Of course we have to each other help in order to our events successful and good.

May 17, 2017

Come back with my acitivitas. Not special, just study in campus, and comeback again to the lab and after lab , go home and finally I go sleepy hehe

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My Future Business

Hello !!!!

I come back again, but know I just want to imagine for my future!
Well, maybe if I story about my imagine, you will motivated with my imagine hahah lol
Oke,, let’s start!

But, wait! I’m not to imagine my future husband! Of course NO! big NO!!

 I want too  tell you about my future business. hehe.

Oke, maybe my future business is I will to building house or apartement for lease to collegian. But, it would be very different with other.

The rent money  is not  expensive, if they are seriously to learn in university. They were relax like feel make themselves at home and I will try to give the good facility for them.  But, of course there are regulations to keep take care of the house was in order to remain clean, be peaceful, comfortable, cool, and much more. Of course, man and women different place. If they damaging the facility, they should be responsible!!!.

Anyone occupants that the velue of the above 3.5 will be given a diccount price of rent money 75% for one month. Wow! it’s a really good, right ?! 
Important fighting to get a them bachelor’s degree and make proud of them parents that is enough for me. So their mind about rent money, don’t need to be considered as long as they are learn. I just want them to feel it’s also their home, because the compfortable is one factor to concenreate to learning.

And I will open restaurant, so they are don't buy junk food, because it's not good for a their body.

Maybe it’s a my future bussines. Simple, but make me so happy if imagine that. I hope all my imagine will come true. Well, if you have idea or imagine about your future, right now share your story about it. Because imagination the future so happy. Seriously! I’m not a liar.

Seeeee yooouuu the next my story! Don’t forget to happy everyday! Make them happy because of you!

my future apartement or bulding house for lease :D haha aamiin

Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Peter is a robot Amazing

My Team : 
Putry Parwaty H103116005
Nurkuna H1031161051
Titik Lestari H1031161055

Titik                      : hai
Una & Putry          : hai
Titik                       : what are you doing ?
Putry                      : we’re looking for the information
Titik                       : what ?
Una                        : contest
Titik                       : ohhh… hmm, actually, I want to join the internasional robots competition.
Una                        : wow! it’s a sound good, tik!
Titik                      : ya thank. But, I don’t have team to join it. Hm, I think, a good idea if you want to join with me
Putry                     : serouslly ? it’s a good idea! The robot like what you want to make ?
Titik                      : robot are useless, like make food. You have any idea  about that ?
Una                       : Tik, what do you think if the robot like a rice cooker ?
Putry                     : ya it’s right! You know, the robot can cooking alone without us.
Titik                      : wow! and the robots already have equitment cook in which
Una                       : and if you want to eat something a different  or bored with ur menu, we just preaper  material
Putry                     : ya! We will have a paper with barcode to scan, and the robot will start to cooking like a resep
Titik                      : finally the food done
Una                       : wow! the amazing robot, I think
Titik                       : I belive  we can be winner in the competation. Wait! What the name is robot ?
Putry                     : peter ?
Titik & Una           : hm… oke deal
Una                        : but, if it successful, how price the robot ?
Titik                       : maybe 10 million rupiah
Putry                     : I think it enough , because the robot also need treatment
Una                       : yaaa, you right!
Titik                       : thanks , you want to join with me. I’m so happy
Putry &  Una         : your welcome

you can watch this video ↓↓↓↓↓

Minggu, 30 April 2017

How To make Hologram 3D

Haii come back again with me Titik lestari, you miss me ? I think you so miss me, right ? because i hope you miss me so much hahaha lol

maybe, you lose imagination to do something but you don't know want to do what. oke, i will give you know how to make hologram 3D.

wow 3D!!

it's not hard! even it's very easily to be done at your house..

For the first, we must prepared the materials :

 1. Paper
 2. CD case or mika
3. Glue
4. Pen
5. Scissors
6. Smarthpone
7. Knife or glass cutter

I will tell you step by step.
we start the first step....

  • First create a design with pen in paper like the picture

  •  cut the design with scissors

  • put the piece of design in CD case and cut with knife

  •  paste four piece of using a glue like prisma quadrilateral.
  • finally, put dawn it on your smartphone (turn off a lamp or a dark place), play the video 3D and see what happend! watch the video ↓↓↓ 

(if you want see video youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YWTtCsvgvg )

easy right ?? haha of course! so, try at your house now!!
hopefully useful... see you again with me, and i hope next time you miss me, please :') !! hahaha just kidding. 
oke, bye ! don't forget to happy everyday!!! :D

Kamis, 13 April 2017

Love the Nature

Hai ! Come back again with me, Titik Lestari. Now, i will tell you about someone who like the wild! hahaha :D. Really, i want to know any activity done people loving nature. and i had met one person of all the people love nature. If you want to know more, check it out ↓

Me : hello good night.
She : hello
Me : can I ask you for a few questions ?
She : oh of course.
Me : oh ya, my name  is Titik Lestari. And you ?
She : my name is Diah Harpriyanti
Me : oke Diah, I heard about you, that you love nature. That true  ?
She : yes, that true.
Me : Wow. You go into the wild alone or with organization ?
She : with organization
Me : what is the name of organization ?
Me : why you choose SPHAIRA ?
She : Because, only in SPHAIRA I can go into the wild and explore with my friends and doing all together in condition of the diffuclt or happy. And it’s most fun is know the true characteristic my friends.
Me : years of how you join in SPHAIRA ?
She : 2013
Me : the farthest area that ever in visites ?
She : if Kalimantan in Kayong Utara. if Java in Bromo.
Me : the spot  most you like ?
She : in Seluas, because there is a waterfall Riam Berawan and I can see the hill from the height, it’s a very beautiful
Me : what you just for fun or to get the achievements ? or both ?
She : Yaa, initially, i just to refreshing. But, sometimes I want to get achievement. Alhamdulillah, I get the first my achievement in Meliau.

Personal document from Diah
Me : wow. congratulation!
She : thank you

Me : whether SPHAIRA also have other activities ?
She : yes, the activities is CCGC or Cross Country Green City  in every month of january
Me : your hope for SPHAIRA ?
She : i hope SPHAIRA always prevail and shining each year. Because to maintain a organization not easy. Many things that should be retained and developed into a better that ever.
Me : I hope too. Oke diah, thank you have to take your time to answered a few question from me.
She : oh ya, your welcome.
Me : Nice too meet you Diah, I hope we can look the wild together.
She : Nice too meet you, Tik. hahahah I will waiting the time!

Wow, I want to like Diah can refreshing but also get achievement! That sound good! maybe, just it. Next time if i could meet again with the people who a great like Diah and i will give some questions! hahaha. i will come back with another story. hopefully you still faithful visited my Blog! lol!🤣🤣🤣🤣 see you !

Photo Document from Diah for Us :

Diah in Lemukutan Island

Diah in Bromo
CCGC or Cross Country Green City