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How To make Hologram 3D

Haii come back again with me Titik lestari, you miss me ? I think you so miss me, right ? because i hope you miss me so much hahaha lol

maybe, you lose imagination to do something but you don't know want to do what. oke, i will give you know how to make hologram 3D.

wow 3D!!

it's not hard! even it's very easily to be done at your house..

For the first, we must prepared the materials :

 1. Paper
 2. CD case or mika
3. Glue
4. Pen
5. Scissors
6. Smarthpone
7. Knife or glass cutter

I will tell you step by step.
we start the first step....

  • First create a design with pen in paper like the picture

  •  cut the design with scissors

  • put the piece of design in CD case and cut with knife

  •  paste four piece of using a glue like prisma quadrilateral.
  • finally, put dawn it on your smartphone (turn off a lamp or a dark place), play the video 3D and see what happend! watch the video ↓↓↓ 

(if you want see video youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YWTtCsvgvg )

easy right ?? haha of course! so, try at your house now!!
hopefully useful... see you again with me, and i hope next time you miss me, please :') !! hahaha just kidding. 
oke, bye ! don't forget to happy everyday!!! :D

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