Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

Peter is a robot Amazing

My Team : 
Putry Parwaty H103116005
Nurkuna H1031161051
Titik Lestari H1031161055

Titik                      : hai
Una & Putry          : hai
Titik                       : what are you doing ?
Putry                      : we’re looking for the information
Titik                       : what ?
Una                        : contest
Titik                       : ohhh… hmm, actually, I want to join the internasional robots competition.
Una                        : wow! it’s a sound good, tik!
Titik                      : ya thank. But, I don’t have team to join it. Hm, I think, a good idea if you want to join with me
Putry                     : serouslly ? it’s a good idea! The robot like what you want to make ?
Titik                      : robot are useless, like make food. You have any idea  about that ?
Una                       : Tik, what do you think if the robot like a rice cooker ?
Putry                     : ya it’s right! You know, the robot can cooking alone without us.
Titik                      : wow! and the robots already have equitment cook in which
Una                       : and if you want to eat something a different  or bored with ur menu, we just preaper  material
Putry                     : ya! We will have a paper with barcode to scan, and the robot will start to cooking like a resep
Titik                      : finally the food done
Una                       : wow! the amazing robot, I think
Titik                       : I belive  we can be winner in the competation. Wait! What the name is robot ?
Putry                     : peter ?
Titik & Una           : hm… oke deal
Una                        : but, if it successful, how price the robot ?
Titik                       : maybe 10 million rupiah
Putry                     : I think it enough , because the robot also need treatment
Una                       : yaaa, you right!
Titik                       : thanks , you want to join with me. I’m so happy
Putry &  Una         : your welcome

you can watch this video ↓↓↓↓↓

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