Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My Future Business

Hello !!!!

I come back again, but know I just want to imagine for my future!
Well, maybe if I story about my imagine, you will motivated with my imagine hahah lol
Oke,, let’s start!

But, wait! I’m not to imagine my future husband! Of course NO! big NO!!

 I want too  tell you about my future business. hehe.

Oke, maybe my future business is I will to building house or apartement for lease to collegian. But, it would be very different with other.

The rent money  is not  expensive, if they are seriously to learn in university. They were relax like feel make themselves at home and I will try to give the good facility for them.  But, of course there are regulations to keep take care of the house was in order to remain clean, be peaceful, comfortable, cool, and much more. Of course, man and women different place. If they damaging the facility, they should be responsible!!!.

Anyone occupants that the velue of the above 3.5 will be given a diccount price of rent money 75% for one month. Wow! it’s a really good, right ?! 
Important fighting to get a them bachelor’s degree and make proud of them parents that is enough for me. So their mind about rent money, don’t need to be considered as long as they are learn. I just want them to feel it’s also their home, because the compfortable is one factor to concenreate to learning.

And I will open restaurant, so they are don't buy junk food, because it's not good for a their body.

Maybe it’s a my future bussines. Simple, but make me so happy if imagine that. I hope all my imagine will come true. Well, if you have idea or imagine about your future, right now share your story about it. Because imagination the future so happy. Seriously! I’m not a liar.

Seeeee yooouuu the next my story! Don’t forget to happy everyday! Make them happy because of you!

my future apartement or bulding house for lease :D haha aamiin

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