Kamis, 13 April 2017

Love the Nature

Hai ! Come back again with me, Titik Lestari. Now, i will tell you about someone who like the wild! hahaha :D. Really, i want to know any activity done people loving nature. and i had met one person of all the people love nature. If you want to know more, check it out ↓

Me : hello good night.
She : hello
Me : can I ask you for a few questions ?
She : oh of course.
Me : oh ya, my name  is Titik Lestari. And you ?
She : my name is Diah Harpriyanti
Me : oke Diah, I heard about you, that you love nature. That true  ?
She : yes, that true.
Me : Wow. You go into the wild alone or with organization ?
She : with organization
Me : what is the name of organization ?
Me : why you choose SPHAIRA ?
She : Because, only in SPHAIRA I can go into the wild and explore with my friends and doing all together in condition of the diffuclt or happy. And it’s most fun is know the true characteristic my friends.
Me : years of how you join in SPHAIRA ?
She : 2013
Me : the farthest area that ever in visites ?
She : if Kalimantan in Kayong Utara. if Java in Bromo.
Me : the spot  most you like ?
She : in Seluas, because there is a waterfall Riam Berawan and I can see the hill from the height, it’s a very beautiful
Me : what you just for fun or to get the achievements ? or both ?
She : Yaa, initially, i just to refreshing. But, sometimes I want to get achievement. Alhamdulillah, I get the first my achievement in Meliau.

Personal document from Diah
Me : wow. congratulation!
She : thank you

Me : whether SPHAIRA also have other activities ?
She : yes, the activities is CCGC or Cross Country Green City  in every month of january
Me : your hope for SPHAIRA ?
She : i hope SPHAIRA always prevail and shining each year. Because to maintain a organization not easy. Many things that should be retained and developed into a better that ever.
Me : I hope too. Oke diah, thank you have to take your time to answered a few question from me.
She : oh ya, your welcome.
Me : Nice too meet you Diah, I hope we can look the wild together.
She : Nice too meet you, Tik. hahahah I will waiting the time!

Wow, I want to like Diah can refreshing but also get achievement! That sound good! maybe, just it. Next time if i could meet again with the people who a great like Diah and i will give some questions! hahaha. i will come back with another story. hopefully you still faithful visited my Blog! lol!🤣🤣🤣🤣 see you !

Photo Document from Diah for Us :

Diah in Lemukutan Island

Diah in Bromo
CCGC or Cross Country Green City

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