Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Different change Indonesia

Halo, first I wont to say thanks for my god, ALLAH SWT and my parents and all my friends, and big thank for my university-level instructor, mrs. Dini

Ladies and gentleman, we know if have many different in the world. One of all in my country, Indonesia.  Indonesia have slogan “bhineka tunggal ikha” the slogan mean is different but we are one”.

Of course it’ a hear so good slogan right ? should  it’s make my country more advanced, right ? but it’s like dream for me. Why ? because we always make a problem with a little something like a different.

Why we don’t learn with a susi pujiastuti. She said “come on! Make different to be unique and strong” mrs. Susi insists that it takes only a sense of mutual respect and tolerance of each to anyone.
But it doesn’t reality now. Many people are bully just because a little problem or little different. the biggest difference really fatal is the difference religion, even some of the state already chose religion, whereas religion is best everyone to select religiously that according to their best.

For example, if there are incident bomb, the people of muslim accused of being a terrorist and blame. The other way islam will accuse other faiths or non-muslim. What we will continue to each other to accuse ? an example of the other in Indonesia , such as the incident in 1999 known by the incident  ambon and in 1998 known by the incident poso, it was very scary, the battle between religion.

Come on, what we can’t tolerance for it ?

The difference that change of Indonesia’s cultural differences. Had happened riot between the culture in the 2001, we can call it with the incident sampit. Why we not learn with ir Soekarno, he said ‘make a  world where all people living in peace and fraternity’ together it’s happy, together we can, together we always helping, together make we strong, together we can done the problem.

Don’t ever make a difference as the enemy in life, make a difference as a our power. The difference in the world to teach us to tolerance taught us to appreciate, each protect, and loved, then of now try to accept diffrences,because we are same. 

thanks a lot all! it's my speech, i hope you like and please don't judge me hehehe

video youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM8MdC_FmqA

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