Kamis, 30 Maret 2017


I will shere little science when I had learned about adverb in my campus. hahaha hopefully useful for us. 

1.      Adverb of ‘Manner(To answer question HOW)
Example: Slowly, Carefully, Well, Beautifully, Quickly, (.....ly) , etc.

2.      Adverb of ‘Time(to answer the question WHEN)
Example: Tomprrow, Yesterday, Today, on Thursday, in 1998, on October, at 23.10, etc.
·         In = for year
·         On = for month and day
·         At = for hour

3.      Adverb of ‘Place (to answer the question WHERE)
Example: There, Here, In Tokyo, On Jalan Tanjungpura , at J.co, etc.
·         In = for city or state
·         On = for name of street
·         At = for a place more specific

4.      Adverb of “Frequency(to answer the question HOW OFTEN)
Example: Always, Sometimes, Never, Once, etc.

Okay, maybe just it. Still Faithful visited my Blog! :D See you next time and don’t forget to happy everyday! Byee..

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