Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

I can’t live without gravity


Why I can’t live without gravity ? maybe, because you’re my gravity on my live ? wkwkwk just kidding☺😃

Can yau imagine if we’re live without gravity ? maybe we all be superman that could fly without wings or live without gravity like the garden without flowers ? LOL. 

But serious, life without gravity isn’t good news. We live depending on gravity, like the car, the motorcycle, the paper, the building, the chair, the table, and there are many more.  Just imagine the car and vehicles other walked not on the ground or the way, even the building will not stood firmly on the ground. Worse a state of the islands or the lake in the world, all the water will drift upstairs, so we floating while swimming ? it’s sound funny.

When gravity lost, will be made the atmosphere also joined hovering, all kompenen in the atmosphere will flew out of the space. Including our breathe  will be gone too. Of course we all will be destroyed, if we are not breathine. Without the atmosphere we also will feel the heat of the sun could burn our skin. I also ever read, that bacteria will evolve quickly and more harm without gravity :( . Therefore I’m grateful to Allah with the existence of gravity on earth.

After that, I never again had a dream to be superman that could fly in the sky hahaha, maybe I want to be spiderman. Just kidding ahahah. lol :D

Maybe, many thing that make me can’t live in the world. But one of all is gravitation. How about you ? maybe, you can’t live without me ? hahaha XD 

okay, see you again on my blog. Don’t forget to thanks to God about what’s is in the world, Including your mate hahaha. Byeee see you next time...

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